##savinghope - my mission since July 19, 2020 to feed and water the homeless in dozens of cities and ... a new photo book forthcoming January 1, 2021 - #savinghope - homeless in #covidUSA

Jim Brazell

Alamo First Responders - Together We Can


I am on sabbatical #savinghope: Since taking a two week vacation from a crushing schedule at work for Savvas.com serving all US K-12 Schools in the nation alone s March to July 19, I have been feeding and watering the homeless . I have been in a dozen or so cities and started with a new Sony 6000 digital camera (the Bomb for running and gunning) and thanking 1000 essential workers. 

While shooting essential workers in New Orleans (my birth town), San Antonio (my home town), and Peoria, IL (my Bradley U. College town), I encountered a gentleman under a bridge in Treme, New Orleans, near death from dehydration. 


Since then, I have broadened my lens to shoot three subjects: Essential Workers (this fortunate to work), the homeless, and those of us who are roaring like the 1920's - Roaring 20's.

Why were the 1920's roaring when 600,000 (one in five--effecting children 1-5 years old the most) people died from what we now know as the "common flu" --Spanish Influenza. Why were sweet fruit juice cocktails first made with booze: 1920's era so you did not taste going blind or dying from the rot gut alcohol (mind you, not moon shine, this is like drinking Ethanol from a gas pump).

And, why do we call it a po-boy and charge $30 in the French Quarter (over cooked fo sure)) when the "Poor Boy" is the nickel roast beef sandwich served near the street car named desire--first created on St Charles on the trolly line to feed those fortunate enough to have some kind of job and even those who did not--workers often thumbed the nickel to others who had no money in the food line. So, why did the 20's roar, same as now...

The wealthy and job'd enough partied and shopped plus the movies became talkies and this the movies were the escapism born so deep in our psyche and cultural mess we forget--Americans love the movies because it was the escape from the hardships of the 1920's rise of Nazism, economic collapse, prohibition, and the Spanish Influenza Flu Pandemic.

We are all homeless, we are all God's children and we all deserve Thanksgiving on the streets: A bar of soap, shampoo, water, an apple, a cigarette, and a dap of perfumes for the Queens of the street--street moms, sisters, and Abuelas.


No one is feeding and watering the homeless and there are 4-5x as many since March and the number will double just like the value of Silver over the next 6 months.






#savinghope - Stone Soup - What makes us human...

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##savinghope - my mission since July 19, 2020 to feed and water the homeless in dozens of cities and ... a new photo book forthcoming January 1, 2021 - #savinghope - homeless in #covidUSA

Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2020, St. Francis Assisi Catholic Church, 631 State St., New Orleans, Louisiana