Innovation Players

What are we going to do to change the world today?

 Jim Brazell's innovation speeches and workshops have reached over 50,000 education, workforce, industry, and economic development practitioners since 2003. With a background in technology and jobs forecasting, school transformation and and regional high technology economic development,  his experience is sought by diverse organizations. 

K-12 School Districts & Teacher Professional Development Programs

For schools, Jim offers speeches and workshops on technology and learning. School audiences include students, parents, teachers, administrators, and community members. Workshops are designed for K-12 communities who want to design and realize the future of learning today.

School Boards

Join technology forecaster Jim Brazell as he offers a conceptual framework designed to help school board members understand educational transformation.  Jim explores innovationn practice as the basis for transforming teaching, learning and leading in schools.

Industry, Workforce, & Economic Development 

For industry, workforce, and economic development organizations, Jim offers professional development on topics related to emerging jobs, technologies, and economic development strategy.



Colleges and Universities

Jim's work with colleges and universities includes grants, program design for new academic and workforce programs, and faculty professional development.