Alamo First Responders

In 1709 the Franciscan expedition started and in 1718 the mission built San Antonio de Valero – later known as the Alamo—the first of five Spanish Missions in the San Antonio region. 
July 4, 2020

San Antonio, Texas, USA - In 1709 the Franciscan expedition started and in 1718 the mission built San Antonio de Valero – later known as the Alamo—the first of five Spanish Missions in the San Antonio region. Today, San Antonio is the 7th largest MSA in the United States and we are a city of first responders. Now is a time of stepping up. A time of banding together. A time of sharing and of compassion for one another in the Golden Rule (General Robert F. McDermott, USAF, dec.).


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Did you know that the Alamo City is the nation's first responder for events such as September 11, 2001, Katrina, and the COVID-19 Pandemic today? When there is a ground zero, the Alamo City--Military City USA--the River City--answers the call with the spirit and resiliency of 11,0000 years of human recorded history, 302 years as a city starting as a Spanish colony founded, 1718, the same year as my beloved home, New Orleans (Kenner), Louisiana. Read the whole story and watch related videos.

Did you know the River City city sits at the intersection of old-world Europe and new-world America (the peoples of Incan, Mayan, and Aztec descent). In this intersection, San Antonio propelled the world to space flight and ultimately landing on the Moon while talk story about Mars and beyond. San Antonio has 11,000 years of recorded human history, 303 since being founded by Spain in 1717. Throughout history, like today, July 4, 2020, San Antonio rises in the spirit of collaboration, the work that must be done, and peace to sustain our way of life, our story, and our children's future



Hope is why you see San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolfe deploy public policy countermeasures such as "Strong COVID-19 Response". If you want to understand the Alamo City, witness the Old West spirit of the American "Maverick" in 2020.

I am a New Orleans native who moved to San Antonio and was captured by the grace of Lovely Lisa on Lively Lane in 1989. We have had the good fortune to witness a few of these Maverick characters including the Judge in person:


1.   "Do the right thing", Chiodo, USAF

2.   "Exercise the Golden Rule", McDermott, USAF

3.   "What are we going to do to change the world today?", Kane, USAF

4.   "Let's hit some golf balls." Schriever, USAF

On July 4, 2020, I was inspired to share our story: Alamo First Responders, Essential Workers, and San Antonio's STEM/CTE Education Pathways for Economic Sustainability. Read the whole story here. Read the whole story and watch related videos.


City of Innovation, San Antonio 1718-2118 - A world-class city of diversity and creative arts.


The Alamo City is a military city, an agrarian city, and a city of Fiesta and Tejano; however, it is also one of the nation’s platforms for science and technology research and development and educational innovation. The city's technology story begins in 1910 when Lt. Benjamin Foulois took first flight in the first airplane owned by the War Department. Ever since Foulois’ first leap into the air at Fort Sam Houston, necessity has accompanied the need for invention. San Antonio’s ambitions have always been inspired by an old-west, can-do attitude, and goals that often reach beyond the grasp of what is thought to be possible.


The city's legacy of science and technology innovation is rooted in 1910 but San Antonio’s spirit of innovation was forged by a struggle for independence and the realities of a rugged existence in West Texas. This is the spirit of San Antonio—the spirit that transformed a once agrarian and military town into a world-class center of science and technology innovation--the spirit of the Maverick.

San Antonio: City of Innovation (1718-2118)

Performed since 2001, San Antonio: City of Innovation tells the riveting story of the Alamo City's ascendance to the 7th largest city in America. 


From Jim Brazell, the Alamo City's 1993 Battle of Flowers Oratory Champion, audiences include: CyberTexas, San Antonio Public Library Foundation as a catalyst for Bibliotech, The World Congress on Information Technology, American Society for Training and Development, National Coalition of Advanced Technology Centers, Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (Cyber),  San Antonio Greater Chamber of Commerce, Weston Center/Geekdom Veterans Day Celebration, City Public Service Executives Retreat, Community Leadership Program North Chamber,  100 Year Centennial of Flight Celebration at the Institute of Texas Cultures, Hangar 9's "Art of the Possible" conference, Toyota Manufacturing Visiting Committee, and Rotary Clubs all over the city.

This speech helped wind hearts and minds from the SAPLF to support tech in libraries--specifically it is the story that catalyzed funding support and board approval from San Antonio's world class digital 
libraries after Mayor Castro's World Library Summit in the Alamo City-