How The Future Works Speaker 

Jim Brazell

Jim Brazell is a technology and jobs forecaster. Since 2003, his speeches have reached 50,000 audience members and hundreds of organizations worldwide.


Jim was one of the early voices calling for a Sputnik-like awakening to the role of science and technology in social, political, and economic life. The new age upon us requires a new way of thinking about the pace of technological change and our role as native innovators.


Jim is a dynamic speaker who can land a message and influence change in your culture. His audiences include speeches for students, parents, schools communities, industry associations, workforce boards, and economic development audiences.​

Jim graduated Summa Cum Laude, Sociology, Bradley University, 1995, IL. Jim is a 1995 George Gilder Fellow in High Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Public Policy, Discovery Institute, WA.


Jim and his wife Lisa and daughter Ava live in the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio.