10.2.2020 - #covidhealthalert and #covidsafetyalert - Together we can 

10.2.2020 - #covidhealthalert and public safety alert from http://www.jimbrazell.com ... Defecation in streets can carry Cholera and assault on public on the rise. The homeless and mentally ill population in USA Tier I and Tier II cities such as San Antonio and Austin, Texas, respectively, has grown 3x to 5x normal size since March 2020.

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Homeless are defecating in the the streets of San Antonio and all Tier I and Tier II cities in USA. This can cause Cholera, like the 1847 pandemic - like pink eye, this contagion is transmitted through feces and presents a perfect storm threat--a witches brew of Covid 19, Cholera, and drug user diseases such as AIDS, Hep. As such, the "r" factor -- rate of infection-- is not measured correctly to account for homeless representing a major public health threat. The electric bikes and scooters are a particular concern and represent the vector that can carry this into our lives.


Phase 1 Satisficing Solutions:


1) Remove all electric bikes from inner cities


2) Have retailers disinfectant and wash the streets like we do in New Orleans and Paris daily.


3) Be vigilant and protect families and elderly


Phase 2 Satisficing Solutions:


4) Organize to clean streets with national guard and/or other public resources


5) Feed, water, and sanitize homeless

Develop more satisfying and sufficient solutions (not optimal or perfect) for caring ofr ouyr homeless regardless of their disposition (drug user, displaced economically, vets, mentally ill etc.)


By - Jimbrazell.com


Read more about how San Antonio organized for nuclear attack response, planning and prevention and this is now the nation's center of gravity for COVID Response led in part by Judge Nelson Wolfe Bexar County #covidsrong

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