Eulogy - A song for Don Williams, A Horse with No Name, By America, February 12, 2021. 4 minutes on Sound Cloud

Don is a quiet icon of San Antonio high tech, a family man, a Marine Corp. navigator, and a pioneer in computing. After the Marines, Don was hired by Seymour Cray as a design engineer at Cray Super Computer and later went to Silicon Graphics (SGI) before SGI was purchased by Cray. 


Don died this week. 


As a Marine, he died his way. Don had a stroke along with business partner Richard Agee in March of 2020. Both were involved in a new San Antonio start-up launching to market named


Don got Lock-In syndrome and pneumonia. With Lock-in, Don was asked daily if he wants to live--answering by moving his eyes to one side or the other--yes or no.


When Don died it was 10 months after his twin stroke with Richard Agee. Agee is a walking miracle and thanks God. 


Don died of pneumonia, he said Oorah with his eyes daily. He lived for himself, his wife, his family, friends, nation, and God. 


Don is a patriot and has served quietly even after retiring as most warriors do. 


In the 1980's, General Bernie Schriever tapped Don to be involved with Henry Cisneros' Target 90 Initiative with one task: To put the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) on a path to world class R&D in science, engineering, and information technology (cyber). 


By 2010, UTSA had the #1 university program in Cybersecurity in America. Don and his friends did that. UTSA is now tracking to Tier I R&D status--now that $100s of millions/billions have been invested in athletics and overall University maturity and growth. 


A Grasshopper Story - General Bernard Schriever was city golf champion in San Antonio in High School. He taught Don to play golf in the 80's--they were great friends. In height, Don was a fraction of a centimeter to a grasshopper but he crushed hulking 7 foot power golf players regularly on golf courses. I drove for him one day at La Cantera Golf Course and watched him crush two retired hulking 7 foot Colonels, Marine and Air Force, with club sticks.


Don was a grasshopper killer, needing a ladder to get on a horse--in and out of Agee's 4x4 Jeep--we use to rib him.