DRAFT-How and why does racism emerge in culture? Answer: When we each turn a blind eye to suffering.

Updated: Dec 2, 2020


Dreams of what may be next but uncertainty prevails in the storm of pandemic... You ever feel like pandemic is like a storm, with a weather report, or like an information wave, or a storm with a wave of false health information--the repercussions of our words and stories in this pandemic are important. The last pandemic around in the 1920's, people died of hunger and dehydration because we were afraid.... When untouchables emerge in our streets and fear starves our brothers and sisters this is the place where disinformation arises. False stories, bad memes, propaganda emerge. In this space, a question I have never resolved is how does fascism emerge and why. Last time around the rise of mono-racism (Nazism) emerged was in the suppression of information about the dead and dying--our neighbors, vets, families, brothers, and sisters, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, nieces and nephews and aunts and uncles dining next door during the 1920's was not acknowledged--there not even a public recollection journalism, art, theater that reflect the suffering of the sweeping storm called Spanish Influenza (a misnomer, it like Chinese Flu is incorrect of the origin of either virus). When we turn our head and our minds to a view that denies the truth--the misery and love in our world--when we walk around and see but do acknowledge, talk about, or do anything--when we create this artificial bubble in our mind and in our being and in our existence and the difference making that we are .... this is where the rise of fascism is rooted. Somehow this denial of misery, death, suffering and reality itself creates the space for another idea--mono-racism (Aryanism, Nazism, etc.). OK, so when we close our self to truth, an other emerges that is another non-truth, this meme, mono-racism I will call it as it has many brothers and sisters and there is no need to split hairs. We shall enter the eye of the needle: When mono-racism promotes one idea, one best way at the expense of all other ideas, this monism sets up the death of culture and civilization. You see in Darwin's Survival of the Fittest - in evolutionary biology - it is the random gene that moves us forward - and in Richard Dawkins Selfish Gene the book that introduced the almighty word "MEME" into our lexicon - it is the lie, the science fiction, the untrue story, the words of imagination and the behaviors of us all that that determine our survival as a species, as a civilization, as a collective. So, when we walk around and do not see what is there in front of our open eyes and closed hands and elbows that do not bend (the problem with Noblese' Oblige is the elbow of the noble does not bend, the hand gives but elbow does not bend) we create an untouchable cast on the street---the homeless, our brothers and sisters, even the drug addict sleeping under the bridge in his and others facies, are our brothers and sisters.... When we create the untruth we experience but deny, like a horse with blinders, we give the space for mono-racism to rise. Though we may not believe this Aryan or Nazi or other similar ism it gets legs in our denial of truth in human suffering. The point is: Because the mono-racist, or Aryan view locks down the propagation of the species to a select group at the expense of all others, Darwin's random gene, evolution, is shut down because the selection of the one group closes the population pool off from diversity, randomness, integration with others--resulting in death of that group over time and ultimately us all--death of the species--extinction. On the other side of the coin and perhaps more real and present and immediate to us all, when mono-racist, Nazi, Aryan, and similar mono-isms close off, change, alter information, stories and create their lies, they propagate the ideas, words --- MEMEs - stories and behaviors that create a warm place for their view to spread--liike a wind or a storm disinformation sweeps across the land and our minds... Now, at the end of the day the mono-racist GENE and MEME (culture-self replicating words and behaviors according to Dawkins) is doomed because when there is only one best idea, word, and story at the expense of all others. this is the death of civilization. The death of culture, stories, and words--the human element is th art in us all, this is the basis of civilization. Now, people, my friends, my brothers and sisters and those who have shared food with me and com munition and friendship, please see and tell stories and help the homeless in ways other than usual but be very extra safe. The streets have untouchables so the conditions and I have experienced a world when traveling outside of routine where the Jew seeking help can not find anyone who who will open a door, provide bread, etc... In a pandemic most doors of help are closed. Right now, church are not sanctuaries. Most church staff and volunteer are locked inside of churches and therefore I have experienced need fo sanctuary from the street 2-3 times over 22 cities since July 19 and not even Trinity Baptist in San Antonio answers the door--without 12 visits to enter once... It was nice to sit there for a bit with respite from the street but in general acrosss USA churches are feeding their own congregations in their parking lots and the Lord's Shephards are not on the streets. There is some standard program but when the homeless population surges it is because jails and hospitals and public housing vouchers are not open and functioning as a market with normal supply and demand flow. This is a signal that our economy is about to fall... When the untouchables emerge and 1500 people are dying a day, when the market tumbles, another thing that accompanying th beginning of the measurable rise of mono-racism--pit is scarce as opposed to we can make as many pies as we want -- when we think like this and print more money to float to surface ---- more and more waves of homeless, like a storm, will enter our neighborhoods, schools, gas stations, grocery stores, bridges, parking lots and storm sewers (gutters)... I dwell in the gutter with my brothers and sisters and say I have been evicted, I am getting divorced after 31 years, and I am you--but I have food, water, and soap and perfume and even a cigarette. I ask, what is your story and listen in amazement. We are all homeless when we create the untouchable. The lie we live in spite of human suffering, nay at the expense of it, is the doom of civilization--not the survival of it as the Aryian or mono-racist promote. Our only salvation is in our finding satisfying solutions to homeless and our art--dance is dead, public expression is dead, holding hands, nay kissing in public is dead and most important the city is dead--Tier I and Tier II cities are to become the cease pools of our world. Cities will not return as the 40% of people working from home use to ride the trains planes and automobiles so they could go stack papers in high rises and now all that is done without the lights and air conditioning of garbage cans in the sky (sky scrapers). They will crumble over next 50-100 years. A new way - a new surge is opening us to a world where societal stratification will cast us to a new order and new realities and new forms of suffering and servitude .... I am looking into going back to continue my education, to think more and write more, and do more... To create some space to do. Like we did at Bradley Interlabs! And, Cyberdesic and most important lie our work at and and I will reflect on this rant and make it a chapter in my photo book coming soon with pictures to view now at I love the idea of Tulane where I wanted to go after graduating from Bonnabel in Kenner, LA 1985, I looked into it, the student admissions team laughed at a Kenna Boy:

Now, Tulane, I need you, do you want me there? PhD with Masters stepping stone Public Health Policy and tropical medicine?