...rooted "in the knots we tie while singing and telling stories while preparing nets for the next fish--learning by doing."

“Ho ’ohanalima”

Robot Soup - Stone Soup for the Soul

What makes us human?


What makes us

uniquely human

among our





How can

humans innovate

in a robot world?


Are robots

and humans


in a zero-sum battle

for existence--are we

diametrically opposed? 


The machines, AI,

and bots, are a reflection

of the human condition:

The machines are a

reflection of our

choices, questions, fears,

blind spots, and aspirations

for hope, a better world, and

survival; here on


earth, among each, and

among the stars, over the reaches

of time as we know

it today.​

Will you join me

on a journey,

from stone soup,

the human story,

sharing for survival,

cooperation, and

past, present, and future questions

such as

the Last Question

posed by Issac Asimov

set in 




Then to

R.U.R. set 

in 1921

Rossum’s Universal Robots,




Finally, meet me

in the

middle, between

RUR and the Last

Question for an @quest star game, 



and Me seeking,

Aloha! On January




What makes us human

in a machine-driven world?

In a robot world,

how can humans innovate?



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