75 million children served since 1999. Whyville is a virtual world geared for teen and pre-teen girls and boys. Another VentureRam supported company, Whyville's millions of registered "citizens" come from all over to learn, create, and have fun together. Whyville is their world. Whyville has places to go, things to do, and of course, people to see.

Whyville has its own newspaper, its own Senators, its own beach, museum, City Hall and town square, its own suburbia, and even its own economy - citizens earn "clams" by playing educational games. And much, much, much more!Joining Whyville is free.The primary support for Whyville comes from its sponsors. Learn more at Whyville.net.


Jim Brazell has been instrumental in the company's workforce education programs. Working with Dr. Jim Bower and Cliff Zintgraff, CEO, DaVinci-Minds.com, Jim has helped with the development of the free virtual world by bringing in new sponsors and working to develop supplemental materials to connect Whyville activities to the Common Core.

Jim is also facilitating a project to use deliver Whyville online as a full fledge summer camp in San Antonio, where for a week, students will build a society, economy, have jobs, and participate in governing their own physical-imaginary-virtual worlds by connecting Whyville online to activities in camp (Theatre, Jobs, Elections, etc.).


Whyville needs plenty of electrical power to keep everything running,. Whyville generates electricity from a variety of sources including: Coal, Hydroelectric, Nuclear, Solar, and Wind. Collect power to fuel Whyville's energy needs, and we'll pay you in Whyville's virtual currency, clams.

To get started collecting poer in Whyville, go to Becky's desk inside the WhyPower Plant and click on the power plant you want to buy.

Play WhyPower, Request information about WhyPower supplemental materials from Cliff Zintgraff.